General questions

What does io.finnet mean?

Initially, io.finnet stood for International Open Financial Network, aligning with our goal to level the playing field in finance. However, "IO" also represents input/output, denoting devices, operations, or programs that transfer data to or from a computer. This can be seen as a nod to binary language, comprised of 1s and 0s. Additionally, IO is the name of one of Jupiter's moon.

"Finnet" signifies a combination of Finance/Fintech and Network.

How did io.finnet begin?

io.finnet was born from the realization that traditional banking and the blockchain/digital asset worlds are separate and could greatly benefit from each other.

Since 2021, we have aspired to break down barriers, blending the best of both worlds. By bridging the gap between these two sectors, we unlock endless potential and synergies. Our expertise in banking, blockchain and cryptography technologies empowers banks, corporations, and digital asset operators to reshape the future of finance together.

What is io.finnet's vision?

Our team has devoted extensive resources to understanding and solving the common challenges faced by digital asset operators and their banking partners and we are proud to offer financial service providers an access to a 24/7/365 multi-currency fiat and digital asset settlements in a safe, secure & compliant environment by leveraging our permissioned blockchain and self-custody technology.

Our primary purpose is to be the architects of modern finance through building a trustworthy, reassuring, and innovative blockchain-based financial network. In doing so, we aim at fostering financial innovation and inclusion.

Where is io.finnet located?

io.finnet is a global business with entities in the USA, Cayman Islands and the UK.

I have an improvement/idea for the product/service, what can I do?

We highly value your input and suggestions for improvement. If you have any suggestions for changes or enhancements, you can share them with us using our suggestion change form available here. We're eager to engage in discussions and better understand your feedback.