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What APIs do you have available?

We currently have APIs for: Accounts list, pay-ins (deposits) and payouts (withdrawals).

You can find out more about our APIs by reading our API documentation.

How do I begin my integration of the APIs?

You can begin integration in 4 easy steps once you onboard as a customer.

  1. Complete onboarding with io.finnet
  2. Complete onboarding & receive compliance approval with our partner MSB
  3. Sign the MSB Agreement(s) and receive your accounts’ details
  4. Begin integration with tech team and receive API credentials


Do you have a sandbox environment available?

Not currently. We are planning to facilitate a Postman collection for endpoint testing soon.


When will you have Webhooks?

Yes, please see our API documentation for more information.


I have a API technical issue, what do I do?

Please contact us at our Support Center for assistance.


What integration support do you provide?

Once you are live with io.flow, we provide the following support services:

  1.  Hypercare Support - Lasts two weeks following go-live for all API integrations. There are three options available to choose for support - Io.Hypercare / Io.Hypercare+ / Io.Hypercare Pro.
  2. BAU Support Service - Following the Hypercare period, your company will then transition to be supported by our Customer Service Team. There are three options available to choose as a support service - Io.Support / Io.Support+ / Io.SupportEnterprise. Each has a cost breakdown which can be shared on request.

Standard support areas are as follows:

  • Direct communication between your team and our Delivery Team will help with any questions you may have and make sure you have the support you need to integrate with the APIs.
  • Training / support material provided

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