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What is io.flow?

io.flow is a global payment aggregator solution enabling enterprises to access a network of payment providers to process multi-currency transactions through local and cross border payment rails offering faster payments at the best price.


What does global payment aggregator mean? 

As a ​global payment aggregator solution, we operate cutting-edge cloud-based platforms to provide cross-border deposits and disbursements processing capabilities.

io.flow enables merchants to accept payment from customers across multiple countries and multiple payment channels.


How is io.flow different from other Money Service Businesses (MSBs)?

We are an over-the-top consolidation platform. 

While integrating with multiple individual MSBs means multiple integrations, set-up and integration costs, maintenance costs, integrating with only io.flow means one integration, and no maintenance for the same capabilities and features. Partnering with io.flow means you can decide which partner MSB to use for which transaction at which time.


How do I onboard to io.flow?

To onboard, contact our Sales Team here to receive better assistance.



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