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What currencies do you support?

Please reach out to our Sales Team here for the up to date currency list. We are always expanding our payment currency offerings by increasing our Money Service Business network.


How long does it take to onboard with a partner Money Service business?

It is important that the correct due diligence is carried out by our partner MSB. You can speed up the compliance process by providing the KYC documentation required for compliance checks. 


How long does a payment take to process?

This is dependent on a number of factors such as your processes and also partnered MSBs.  Today, 98% of payouts are processed within 5 minutes post instruction approved: 

  • If the instruction is received before the currency’s cut-off time.

  • Depending on the underlying currency (CAD and AUD normally take T+1 day or T+2 days instead of T). 

Before io.flow, our client’s Euro and GBP payments used to take up to 3-4 working days to process one payment. After io.flow it takes them less than an hour!


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