Disaster Recovery Process

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io.vault implements a backup and recovery process for each vault in an organization. The recovery process uses a unique 24-word phrase for each signing device (generated upon initial sign-in on every new device) to encrypt copies of the secret shares that are held locally on the device.

When initially creating a vault, consideration should be made in balancing security vs redundancy in the number of shares and signers for a vault.

Downloading the disaster recovery backup file

Process Ref. Process step
1 Open the mobile app and log in
2 Once logged in, click on the settings button at the top right-hand corner of the app.
3 Select “Download encrypted backup file” and then “Continue”.
4 Specify the file name, select the destination you would like to save the file and then select “Save”.
5 Verify that file was successfully saved to the selected location (preferably on the cloud)


Please note - To ensure all shares can be recovered from a device, the backup file should be re-downloaded each time the device participates in a new vault creation or reshare. As such, users are prompted to download the file each time this occurs.

Please note - Please ensure you backup your files to the cloud rather than the physical phone, to ensure when disaster recovery is needed it can be downloaded and recovered without the need of the phone. In instances where the handset is lost, this will be a greater issue.

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