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Below are some best practices we strongly recommend all users and clients using the and io.vault products to implement;


Business Area  Best Practise Detail
Test Transaction

Always perform  two test transactions when creating a new vault. 

    • First, verify that the deposit address displayed is valid by making a test deposit and confirming receipt.
    • Finally, ownership of the vault and underlying public addresses should be verified by performing a test withdrawal. 
Redundancy of Users/Devices 

Create vaults with redundancy of users and their devices in mind to avoid requiring implementation of the disaster recovery process for instances of a single user losing a signing device

Backin up Devices

Ensure all users are consistently and frequently backing up their device to the cloud.
At a minimum, each user device should be backed up each time it participates in creation of a new vault or a vault re-share as these processes result in new shares being created locally on the devices.


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