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I have an issue logging in, what do I do?​

Please contact us via raising a ticket on our website and the io.finnet customer support team will help.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

To reset your password, click the ‘Forgot password?’ link on the app or web dashboard. Enter your account email and submit. You will receive a verification code via email. Enter the verification code in the app or web dashboard to reset your password.

Who can be a signer for a vault?​

The signers are defined by the person who sets up the vault. They will be required to define the threshold required to approve a transaction, as well as signers for the vault, known as the signing party, and each of their associated signing power (number of secret shares).

Secret shares are required to meet the threshold required for a transaction to be completed. The more secret shares someone has the more they can contribute to the threshold being met and ultimate signing of a transaction.

Why is the io.vault product limited to a 10 signing party size?

For optimal performance the signing threshold and signing party size is limited to 10. Any parties above 10 signing power will not be able to sign a transaction.

Who can see the vaults in the dashboard?​

Everyone in your organization that has an io.vault login will be able to see all of your organization's vaults. It is currently not possible to hide vaults from any other users within your organization.

What can I name my vault?​

You can name your vault anything you would like, however it cannot be the same name as another vault name within your organization.

How do I receive / Pay in cryptocurrency into my vault?​

Visit the specific vault you would like to deposit the assets into and view the desired asset card to retrieve the network address of the vault, which can then be used to deposit the asset into the vault by sending a transaction to the specified address.

Can I access the dashboard on my phone?​

If desired, it is possible to visit the dashboard using a browser on a mobile device. However, native support via the mobile app for the same dashboard functions is not currently available.

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