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I have an issue logging in, what do I do?

Please contact us via raising a ticket on our website and the io.finnet customer support team will help.

Who can raise a transaction request?

Any user with login credentials in the organization can create a transaction request for any vault within the organization, so it is important to review the information carefully each time before approving a request.

Does each transaction on the network have to approved by the same signing party?

No, each io.network transaction (minting, burning, allowing, or removing) can have different levels of user signing parties, user signing power or vault thresholds.

Who can see the vaults in the network dashboard?

Any Principal Member employee that has been provided user credentials may log in and view the vaults that are present in the io.network principal member dashboard.

I sent a transaction to an incorrect address, what do I do?

Please submit a support ticket and contact io.finnet directly as soon as possible.

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