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What is enables 24/7/365 multi-currency fiat and digital asset settlements for clients of the network in a safe, secure & compliant environment by leveraging our permissioned blockchain with self-custody technology via our io.vault solution.

How is different from other blockchain based networks, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin?

Unlike Ethereum or Bitcoin, which are public decentralized networks that allow anyone to participate pseudo-anonymously, is a private and permissioned distributed network allowing asset issuers (principal members) complete control over who may view or interact with their issued assets.

Who is for and what can I do with it? is for regulated institutions and their underlying clients to facilitate efficient transactions in a safe, secure & compliant environment. allows regulated asset issuers (Principal Members) to issue and administer assets in a private and permissioned disitrubted ledger environment where they retain the ability to control who may or may not see and interact with their issued assets.

Is audited? is built upon an open-source private and permissioned enterprise ledger technology (ConsenSys Quorum | ConsenSys). The io.vault product used to interact with the network is built upon open source cryptography and has had both it’s traditional web and mobile app security audited by a 3rd party as well as the underlying cryptographic implementation.

How can I issue a new asset on

Please follow the principal member user guide section “minting a token”, if this still isn’t helpful please reach out directly to io.finnet to support you directly in this process.

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