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Purpose of the guide

The purpose of this user guide is to provide clear and concise instructions on how to use the service to report any unethical or illegal activity in a safe and confidential manner.

This user guide aims to provide guidance on how to submit a report, what information should be included, how to securely submit supporting documents or evidence, and what to expect after submitting a report.

The guide is intended to be a comprehensive resource, providing information on how reports are processed and investigated, how to remain anonymous or protected from retaliation, and how to follow up on the status of a report. 


Overview of Speeki whistleblowing service provider

Speeki is a whistleblowing service provider that allows individuals and organizations to report any unethical, illegal, or fraudulent activities in connection with our Company or any other third party using the services of io.finnet. This service is designed to provide a safe, confidential, and anonymous platform for whistleblowers to report misconduct without fear of retaliation or retribution.

Speeki's platform is easy to use and offers multiple reporting options; all reports are securely stored and processed using industry-standard security protocols.

Overall, Speeki's whistleblowing service provider is a valuable resource for io.finnet as we seek to promote a more ethical work culture.


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