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In this section of the user guide, we will walk you through all aspects of getting started with the product.

  1. PM components;
  2. PM dashboard access;
  3. Registering a mobile device;
  4. Downloading your disaster recovery file.

3.1 PM components

1. The PM dashboard

Used to view and manage all principal members underlying client accounts. This will also show all transactional activity which are processed via the minting and burning functions.

2. The io.vault mobile application

The mobile application is used to review requests, approve or reject them, and participate in the cryptographic signing process.

Currently supported by the following devices and operating systems:

  • Apple iPhone 11 or later and iOS 14 or later (The use of FaceID is required to provide the best level of security at the device level).


3.2 Accessing the PM dashboard

As a principal member you will have access to the PM dashboard;

Credentials - Login credentials will be provided by the IO Customer Office directly to your user/s via the onboarding email. Once you receive your login details, you will be required to reset your password upon logging in for the first time.

Please Note - Administrators are documented during your on-boarding with io.finnet.


3.3 Registering a mobile device

All users who will approve transaction requests will need to complete the following steps with their iOS mobile device;

Process Ref.  Process Step
1 Download the io.vault "App" via the following link (this is also supplied within the onboarding email from IO Customer Office)
2 Open the app and click sign in
3 Login using the same credentials you login with on the web dashboard (Password should include - >8 characters, capital letter, number, special characters)
4 You will be prompted to save a randomly generated, device specific 24-work secret phrase. This is a required step to enable device recovery in case of emergency (see section 3.4 disaster recovery for more details).
5 Once the device secret phrase has been confirmed, your device registration is complete and is ready to be added as a signing party on a vault. 
Important Notes Save you secret phrase in a safe and secure location as it will be required should you need to complete device recovery
It is important to re-download your encrypted device back-up each time a new vault is created, or a signing party is changed that includes the device
Please note - You can confirm mobile device registration by logging in to the web dashboard, clicking on your profile in the top right-hand corner and reviewing your registered devices. 


3.4 Downloading the disaster recovery backup file

If you require to further back up your disaster recovery file, the following steps need to be completed;

Process Ref.  Process Step
1 Open the mobile app and log in
2 Once logged in, click on the settings button at the top right-hand corner of the app
3 Select "Download encrypted backup file" and then "Continue"
4 Specify the file name, select the destination you would like to save the file and then select "Save"
5 Verify that file was successfully saved to the selected location (preferably on the cloud)
Please Note - To ensure all shares can be recovered from a device, the backup file should be re-downloaded each time the device participates in a new vault creation or reshare. As such, users are prompted to download the file each time this occurs.
Please Note - Please ensure you backup your files to the cloud rather than the physical phone, to ensure when disaster recovery is needed it can be downloaded and recovered without the need of the phone. In instances where the handset is lost, this will be a greater issue.


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